Edited Works

Here are a selection of the books I’ve edited. If you’d like to take a look at them just click on the Amazon links below.

Why Choose Me?


These include recommendations left on my Facebook page: fb.me/victoriamilneediting

‘Victoria Milne is everything one could wish for in an editor, offering not only timely and accurate work, but meticulous attention to detail. Her observations are never without merit, offering tough love when needed, but also kind, editorial hugs that encourage the writer and, at the same time, enhance the end product. Her lines of communication are always open. I would not hesitate to use her services again and would recommend her to anyone in need of thorough, precise, and insightful editing.’
Garrick Jones
Author of 'The Boys of Bullaroo'
‘I found Victoria Milne Editor highly professional at all times with pleasant, kind and prompt correspondence. There was always an explanation for the edits and a detailed breakdown which was easy to work through and understand. Meticulous attention to detail and in highlighting what I missed. The feedback has certainly improved my writing and given me encouragement to keep writing. I will most certainly be using this service again and would highly recommend to anyone, especially if you are submitting a manuscript for the first time.’
Kathryn Price
‘The first thing I noticed working with Victoria was the level of professionalism she has. When it came to the edits themselves I was pleased at how they came back and not only the changes she suggested but the reasons behind them too. Her work has made my writing stronger and tighter and I look forward to working with her again on my other projects.’
George Loveland
Author of 'Up in the Air West Coast'
‘Victoria Milne has edited my last two books and is thorough, professional, and utterly reliable. I would definitely recommend her.’
Jay Northcote
Author of 'Second Chance'
‘Working with Victoria proved an overall positive experience, it was pleasant, professional, interactive and informative. When we differed in viewpoints (once or twice) it was done professionally and with great diplomacy. We maintained a positive, working experience throughout the process. She is easy to talk to and I recommend her services to anyone who wishes to see themselves published.’
Dalene West
Author of 'How The Wild Flowers Grow'
‘Helen is a very professional editor who explained everything to me. My story is so much stronger after her proofread and edit, having cut out the unnecessary chaff and strengthening the characters. She knows her craft inside out. I will definitely be using her again and again.’
KJ Rawding
Author of 'Pentacles'
‘The job is done and I have a magical book in waiting, but it couldn’t have reached its present standard without her. As editor and proofreader, her expertise, imagination and generosity of spirit exceeded all my expectations.’
Dr Pearl Denham
Author of 'The Gossamer Rainbow'
‘I have known Helen, aka Victoria Milne, for some time and her editing is as excellent as her smile. She assists at every turn of the page, offering guidance along the way. I am very proud of my new novel, Outcast, yet without Helen's magic, the words would not have jumped from the pages the way they do now.’
Rick Haynes
Author of 'Outcast'
‘As a new author I found Victoria to be super professional and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely work with Victoria again. Totally recommend her editing services.’
Ana Newfolk
Author of 'Made in Lisbon'
‘Victoria Milne is a fab editor. Reliable, transparent, and super efficient, highly recommended if, like me, you need a firm hand.’
Garrett Leigh
Author of 'Lucky'
‘I would definitely recommend Victoria Milne for all your proofreading and editing needs. She is highly professional, extremely thorough, and a pleasure to work with.’
Abbey MacMunn
Author of 'What If...?'
‘Victoria Milne offers a professional, high quality editing service, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for all your editing and proofreading needs.’
Lane Swift
Author of 'Come Rain or Shine'
‘When I decided to hire Victoria Milne for developmental edits of my work, I wasn’t sure what challenges might have arisen. My book is quite unorthodox: its front-heavy two-act structure and cryptic anthology style present some unique challenges. I needn’t have worried. Helen is a very capable editor, and has the ability to catch deftly anything I throw at her – multiple genres, abstract science fiction concepts, unexpected universe-hopping – with the ease of a juggler, then place it all in front of me, neatly arranged and labelled, so that it’s much easier to get it to balance. We’re halfway through as I write this, and I say: on with the show!’
Mike Torr
24th October 2019
‘Victoria Milne proofread my medieval novel and improved it immeasurably. She is a true professional who exceeded my expectations, which were high. Her obvious expertise impressed me as well as her meticulous proofreading, but what I found just as valuable was her ability to catch ambiguities that might interrupt the narrative flow. I felt as if I had a reader at my elbow who was telling me how she felt and what she thought as she moved through my novel. This was extremely valuable. I look forward to submitting future manuscripts to her.’
Erik Bundy